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Let everything happen to you: beauty and terror.
Just keep going. No feeling is final. Rainer Maria Rilke, The Book of Hours (via larmoyante)

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when someone gives you a compliment and you just


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Codependency isn’t sexy. It isn’t romantic. It’s built with a fuse and will surely burn out. The healthiest thing you can say to the one you love is, “I would be okay without you, and that’s why I choose to stay.” LB, A Few Things About Love (via yesdarlingido)

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I’m with you. No matter what else you have in your head I’m with you and I love you. Ernest Hemingway, Garden of Eden
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reblog if the person you reblogged this from is cute

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Nat King Cole - L-O-V-E

I can’t wait to dance to this at my wedding someday ☺️❤️


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